Arrest in mass shooting in Salishan: neighborhood reaction




Mass shooting in the Salishan district

Four people were shot dead in the Salishan neighborhood of Tacoma on Thursday evening. Stay with The News Tribune as we report the latest in this developing story.

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Residents of the community of Salishan expressed a sense of relief on Saturday morning after learning that police arrested a suspect in the murder of four people on October 21, but they are concerned about what potential justice will mean for the neighborhood. they call home.

“I just want to make sure it’s him,” said Sarah, who asked that her last name not be released.

Tacoma police announced the arrest of a 22-year-old man in connection with the Salishan homicides on Friday evening. The suspect, who appears to have lived in the neighborhood, was incarcerated at the Pierce County Jail on four counts of first degree murder.

Maria Nunez, 42, and her son, Emery Iese, 19, were killed in the 4200 block of Everett Street around 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 21. Nunez’s brother Raymond Williams and his girlfriend Natasha Brincefield, both 22, also died in the shooting. Nunez was the wife of Eastside Pastor Louie Iese.

Standing on her front porch a few blocks north of where the shooting took place, Sarah chatted with neighbor Chana Mercado, who has lived with her mother Carrie White in the neighborhood since 2019. They said the streets were quieter than usual for the past eight days. because they had little information about who had committed the violence and why it had happened.

Has the neighborhood been targeted? Was it random? Would this happen again, maybe to someone in their family?

Sarah opted out of attending the neighborhood Halloween block party on Friday night for fear the killer, or someone else with a gun, would return.

“It makes children and people in the area even afraid to talk to their neighbors,” Kendall Hagger told the News Tribune on Saturday.

He lived on Everett Street for three years with his wife Althea. While chatting with neighbors about the shooting, he insisted on patience in finding the right answers.

“We really have to be patient with the questions,” he said. “Be patient with people’s resources.”

Police spokeswoman Wendy Haddow said on Friday that no other suspects were wanted in the homicides.

Discussions between residents since the shooting have offered incomplete and sometimes contradictory pieces of the puzzle, but neighbors said they were not surprised to learn that this was likely someone familiar with the area. .

“It makes me a little easier,” Mercado said.

She and her daughter said they were sitting outside, frequently smoking cigarettes and chatting with neighbors. They recognize cars always parked on the street and said that for the most part this side of the development is quiet – except for the occasional kids screaming in the street or other typical neighborhood noises. Sometimes, however, they see an unfamiliar vehicle or witness an unsavory situation unfolding in front of them.

White and Mercado also recalled seeing a “suspicious” car driving slowly down Everett Street in their block on the night of the shooting. The driver stopped, suddenly took off and shortly after hearing the gunshots, they said.

“We see a lot,” White said. “It was really sad, and yes, we heard the gunshots.”

Salishan, operated by the Tacoma Housing Authority, is a mixed development of subsidized and market-priced rental units and single-family homes. Located between Swan Creek Park and Portland Avenue, there is also a health clinic and an elementary school.

The mass shooting has drawn special attention to the otherwise calm community. Mercado and Sarah, conversing outside as the trees lining Everett Street dropped red and orange leaves, wondered if it would ever be the same.

This story was originally published October 30, 2021 3:47 pm.

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