Ask for your credit or loan online in minutes

Ask for your credit or loan online in minutes

Your loan or credit online in a few minutes. If you are looking for money urgently in they will be able to help you. They offer fast loans and urgent money 100% online. Enjoy the fast and flexible credits offered by Zen Credit of up to € 500, it’s easy, fast and very safe.

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If you have to solve an unforeseen situation and you need money urgently in you can request a quick online mini credit to solve your specific problems of liquidity and help you with these extra expenses that you did not expect.

How does Credit work?

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Zen Credit offers you a fast credit service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At any time you can apply for a credit to Zen Credit if you need it and then they will accept the application and you will receive the money minutes later.

How we said, apply for a credit in is easy, and in fact the mini credits are usually the most requested to be able to take care of incidentals.

The Zen Credit service is very fast, and the application for the micro credit is totally online, through its website. On the other hand, it is worth noting that requesting a loan at is 100% safe.

To apply for a loan you only have to access the web page and choose through the credit calculator the amount of money you want and the term you need to make the return of it. Complete the application and send it online.

As we said, the process is 100% online so the application will be processed almost immediately and in a matter of minutes we can know if they accepted the credit, or not.

As we said, in the procedure is very simple:

  • You send the request with the amount and duration of the loan
  • You receive the money minutes later, as soon as they approve your loan

When we are in a difficult economic situation it may be interesting to apply for a loan, as long as we have sufficient solvency to return it later, of course.

There are cases in which a capital advance can be useful because we can not make ends meet to collect our salary, and the bills will not wait for us. We can also have an unexpected expense, and requesting an online credit can be a quick solution.

So for certain situations, it may be a good option, but do not forget that asking for a loan is something serious, and it is important that whenever you are going to do it, you are responsible.

Ask for information

Calculate your credit online!

Calculate your credit online!

In you can request a loan very easily, through your loan calculator you can set the amount and the term to return it.

The annual interest rate will depend on the amount and term you have selected for your loan. In addition, in you will find the lowest commissions in the market.

Calculate your credit online in a simple way, simply by entering the required data. Select how much money you want and how much time you want to return it, and you can see the conditions, including interest on the loan, before clicking on request.

  • Amount to request: Up to € 300 for new customers, and up to € 500 for regulars
  • Repayment period: From 5 days to 30 days

If you have any questions, we recommend contacting the customer service team where they will gladly help you and answer all your questions.

What should you keep in mind?

In you can enjoy your credit online and quickly by simply completing the information requested on your website.

You will have to be a resident in Spain, between 21 and 65 years old, regular and demonstrable income, bank account and mobile line.

In case you are in ASNEF you can request the credit, as long as you do not have debts registered for a value higher than € 1,500.

The approval, or denial, of the loans is immediate. Although the concession for new clients will be subject to the verification of the data by telephone.

It should be noted that does not allow more than one application, since it only offers one loan per person and address and you will not be able to request another one until you return it.

It is important that you pay your credit on time because if you do not do it and do not meet the date of repayment of the loan, you will incur delinquency and collection management expenses.

When you apply for a loan you must fulfill your part, which in this case will be to return the loan on the dates agreed upon in the application.

If you need a credit, ask for it at, choose the amount and duration for the loan, complete the application on the web and send it. You will receive your money in a matter of minutes as long as you meet the requirements, and as soon as your credit application is approved. works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so whenever you need a loan there they will be there to help you.

Of course, remember that it is not possible to request more than one credit at the same time, since first you will have to return the one you were granted before.

If you are still not convinced of using the credit services of I invite you to read the opinions of the users who have already tried it and are happy with the deal.


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