Bob Donovan’s neighborhood revitalization plan unveiled

Milwaukee mayoral candidate Bob Donovan unveiled his neighborhood revitalization plan Thursday, March 31, at the city’s Midtown Center near 60th and the Capitol.

Donovan says his plan is designed to bolster “struggling neighborhoods outside of important but not singularly important downtown Milwaukee.”

If there’s one thing Donovan and Acting Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson can agree on, it’s public safety. Both say it’s a crucial topic for the next mayor to address, but their solutions are different.

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“We need to make our neighborhoods safer and stabilize them,” Donovan said. “This particular strategy involves economic development, public safety, housing and quality of life.”

Donovan said there has been a lot of investment in downtown Milwaukee and not enough in the neighborhoods. His plan is to increase the number of homeowners and job opportunities and improve public safety.

“The priority has to be safety first,” Donovan said.

His public safety plan also includes the return of battered cops, bike patrols and mental health professionals responding with police.

“Lawlessness, unemployment, homelessness and desperation are impacting neighborhoods all across this city,” Donovan said.

He accuses his opponent of not having a neighborhood improvement plan.

“I have spoken at length about my intentions as mayor and that is to create a stronger, safer and more prosperous city for everyone,” Johnson said.

On the south side of Milwaukee, Johnson signed a resolution adding community gathering places throughout the city. He says public safety is also a priority for him.

“Police are a critical part of our public safety infrastructure in Milwaukee, and we need revenue to be able to pay them adequately,” Johnson said. “That’s why we need to work with the Legislative Assembly to do this, but it’s not just the police. There needs to be investments in violence prevention.”

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