Carey Park redevelopment takes shape with rezoning request for future neighborhood core


In recent years, the City of Atlanta stepped up efforts to create affordable housing through inclusionary zoning, while subsidizing and promoting the development of affordable housing “naturally” at market prices, affordable for residents below the median family income. One of the greatest efforts of this type is the sprawl Redevelopment of Carey Park project, led by developers of affordable housing Development of urban oases and Longline operations who plan to build approximately 400 new homes and apartments on 37 mostly contiguous acres in the Carey Park neighborhood of northwest Atlanta.

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The centerpiece of this development, according to a rezoning request reviewed by Neighborhood Planning Unit-G On Thursday, August 19, will be the development of a 2.29 neighborhood core mixed-use complex that will include up to 40 residential units and 5,000 square feet of retail space. The redevelopment site was once home to the New Fellowship-Praise Baptist Church, which sold the property to First Citizens Bank and Trust Company in 2016 for $ 365,662. The site was last sold for $ 756,023 to CP Acquisition partners LLC in September 2020. The church sanctuary, which appears to be vacant since the purchase, will be demolished to make way for new construction.

According to the rezoning request, submitted by the project designers Urban architects Kronberg, the objective of the project is to serve as a “model to support the objectives of the city and the district in terms of housing and amenities that are diversified, affordable and adapted to the context”. The project calls for a rezoning of the property from R4-A to MRC-1 to allow for mixed-use development, which it says will offer rental units that can include “apartments and small-scale townhouses … of which 20% will be leased to employees at 80% of AMI on average. The request indicates that market rate units would be from $ 1,294 for a one bedroom to $ 1,552 for a two bedroom.

Affordable units are needed as part of the Westside Workforce Affordable Housing Overlay Neighborhood, which was just approved in March 2021. The city created the Overlay District to ensure affordability for the rapid development of Westside Atlanta, spurred by major developments such as BeltLine, Westside Reservoir Park and a planned Microsoft campus. The goal of inclusionary zoning is to provide family-friendly housing for workers who earn roughly the salary of a teacher.

Plots to be redeveloped highlighted in blue, neighborhood core in orange. Site map: Official.

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