City of Medford examines proposed neighborhood built in 3D


MEDFORD, Oregon – NBC5 News reported that an Ashland-based nonprofit was building an entire neighborhood with 3D printing. On Tuesday, the project was brought to the City of Medford.

More than a year after the Almeda fire, thousands of houses have burned down. Local, state and federal leaders are working together to meet the growing housing needs in the community. One of the ideas is a first of its kind.

“What makes this new spiritual village really unique is the construction techniques, and that would be a 3D imprint,” said Rich Rosenthal, Town of Medford.

This is something the city of Medford has declared that has never been done before in the United States. But the Ashland-based Thalden Foundation told the Medford Parks and Recreation committee it was affordable, fast and safe.

“In addition to the 3D printed concrete walls, these are fire and storm resistant houses. These are constructed from non-toxic and non-flammable materials. What we do saves time, materials and labor, ”said Barry Thalden.

The proposed New Spirit Village will be right next to Lewis Park in Medford. During Tuesday’s meeting heads were raised with excitement of what this may mean for Medford housing.

“I really think we have to find a way to capture some of the momentum and support for this,” said Julian Cordle, City of Medford.

Real estate developers hope to innovate next summer.

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