Former St. Petersburg marshalling yard to be transformed into residential district


A consortium made up of Dutch companies KCAP and Orange Architects and Russian architectural firm A.Len designed a residential development on a former marshalling yard on Ligovsky Prospekt in southern Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The former Tovarno-Vitebskaya marshalling yard will become a residential area with accommodation for 8,600 people, with restaurants, cafes, schools and other amenities.

The old railway infrastructure will be operated, with loading docks forming part of the base of the 6 to 15 storey buildings, and tracks used as linear parks.

A “Crown” will adorn the northern entrance to the site, where the buildings form an urban ensemble and a new urban center for Ligovsky.

To the south, three towers will create a high-rise “Trio”.

The project is part of the city district of Ligovsky of Glorax Development, whose first residential complex has already been completed, and the planned Borovaya metro station will be based near the north of the old marshalling yard.

Patrick Meijers, partner of Orange Architects, noted: “We want to create an active, landscaped environment where you can feel the history of the railroad and live with the people around you. An area that is simultaneously harmoniously connected to the city of St. Petersburg. “

KCAP partner Ruurd Gietema said: “For us, the city of Ligovsky means living in a quality green environment. When you look out the window, you look at the green. When you come out of the gate, you enter a park.

Images courtesy of KCAP / Orange Architects / A.Len Architectural Bureau

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