Governor Evers takes a walking tour of the historic Garden Homes district and discusses improvements to public safety

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – Milwaukee leaders led Gov. Tony Evers on a walk through the city’s historic Garden Homes neighborhood on Wednesday.

Beginning at The New Hope Missionary Baptist Church and ending at Engine House 36, Evers stopped at parks, homes and businesses along the route where community leaders and members pointed out parts of the neighborhood that thrive and the parts that struggle.

“There’s a lot to do here in this neighborhood,” Ald said. said Ashanti Hamilton. “It’s a place where you have all the ingredients to improve your neighborhood. Great churches, great institutions, but there are challenges.”

Challenges that business owners and community members see first-hand every day and hope city and state leaders will prioritize.

“We would sit on this park (bench) and, you know, daydream about what we could do in this neighborhood,” one woman told Evers.

The purpose of the march was to speak about public safety and to invest in the prevention of violence.

Evers has committed more than $100 million to community safety efforts in Milwaukee since 2019.

“Quality of life is a really big part of that,” Evers said.

Local leaders said improving housing, health care, transportation and economic development will bring lasting change to the community, but said it’s not something the city can tackle alone .

Evers pledged his support.

“A lot of people here are working hard to make this neighborhood a really special place again,” Evers said. “The State of Wisconsin needs to be part of it.”

Evers said he plans to report what he learned when he returns to Capitol Hill.

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