In Stockholm, a residential district is reborn


Across Stockholm, a vibrant economy combined with low borrowing costs and the absence of significant new residential construction have contributed to the gains in the property market. Indeed, fears exist that a bubble will inflate in the city’s heated market, where selling prices nowadays often significantly exceed asking prices.

Sodermalm is part of this image, but with a different cast of characters from other fields. “In the beginning, it was artists and actors who bought from Soder, and it got a lot of attention,” said Niklas Berntzon, managing director of real estate agency Eklund Stockholm New York. “But the region’s transformation has been broader than that and more democratic.”

With its multinational vibe, many young Swedes say they are drawn to the place because it is one of the few neighborhoods where the country’s ubiquitous class structure is not pronounced and its reputation for reserved behavior is n ‘ is not immediately apparent. Items such as the country’s first mosque and the widespread use of English, Farsi, French and Arabic on the streets also testify to Sodermalm’s cosmopolitan atmosphere and its popularity with foreign buyers.

There are no restrictions for foreign buyers, although local banks usually require proof of employment. Agents say that in recent years the largest groups of foreign buyers at Soder have been English, American and German professionals who have been sent to Sweden for their work.

Anecdotal evidence also suggests a strong presence in the realm of ‘love refugees’ – foreigners who met Swedes abroad, followed them to Scandinavia and then stayed together or, just as commonly, chose to. remain in the country after the end of relations. The phrase is often used in Stockholm, and the situation is so common that there are friendship groups and language services for these foreigners.

Claire Duffy, a 30-year-old TV and film writer from England, is a slightly different kind of refugee in love.

She first came to Stockholm several years ago on a Millennium Tour, a hike to the sites featured in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and the other two novels in Stieg’s popular detective story series. Larsson. More than half of the sites in the books, including the homes and offices of the main characters, are in Sodermalm.

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