Lachtman Cohen PC files legal action against hostile housing environment on behalf of Regatta condominium owner


WHITE PLAINS, NY, October 21, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Anjoli Jagoda, owner of an apartment at the Regatta Condominium in Mamaroneck, Westchester County, New York, filed a complaint against the regatta’s board, alleging that she was forced to live in a hostile housing environment where she suffered sexual harassment, misogynist treatment and intimidation by the regatta personnel, then retaliation for filing a complaint. Ms. Jagoda’s attorneys in Lachtman Cohen, PC have filed a lawsuit on her behalf in federal court in White Plains, New York.

Lachtman Cohen, PC partner Brian cohen said the lawsuit alleges Ms Jagoda reported numerous cases of misconduct to the regatta board, chairman of the board Andrew J. Maggio, and the condominium management agent, RMR Residential Realty, LLC (“RMR”), but instead of taking action to end the abuse, they condoned and facilitated the discriminatory conduct. According to the lawsuit, Ms. Jagoda’s complaints led staff to retaliate against her by subjecting her to acts of intimidation and threat, which continue.

The complaint claims that the board of directors, RMR, Maggio, the regatta building supervisor, Amet “Alex” Vucetovic, and his doorman, Nelson calderon, violated federal and state discrimination laws.

Ms. Jagoda is represented by Lachtman Cohen PC Partner Brian S. Cohen and Of Counsel Lia E. Fierro.

The case, Jagoda v. The board of directors of the Regatta condominium, et al., was filed in United States District Court of the Southern District of new York, case n ° 20-cv-8681. Read the complaint HERE.

Declaration of Brian cohen:

“Our firm is proud to represent Anjoli Jagoda in this important trial. We believe that justice will prevail and hope that the impact of Ms.Jagoda’s claims will extend far beyond this litigation, and that her courage will help improve the lives of all women and incite other victims to sexual misconduct in housing to come forward and fight for the dignity and respect they deserve. “


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