Launch of the main South Bay development in the residential area of ​​South Dubai

The main South Bay development in the residential area of ​​Dubai South has been officially launched. Located in a strategic location on Expo Road, the project will include townhouses and villas, as well as waterfront mansions.

In particular, the The main South Bay development in the residential area of ​​Dubai South will be boast over 200 waterfront mansions and 800 villas. The houses will be spread over a built-up area of ​​1,207 square meters.

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Semi-detached villas and townhouses will be available in 3, 4 and 5 bedroom homes. The mansions will be available as 5, 6 and 7 standalone villas. All homes will be on the waterfront.

Amenities at tthe development of the master of South Bay

The main South Bay development will also include over 3 kilometers of waterfront promenade. In addition, a 1 km long crystal clear lagoon will be included. Moreover the development will house a range of world-class amenities. These will include a fitness complex and a shopping mall. along a lake park. A water sports club, waterside cafes and swimming pools will also be available.

The main South Bay development will also benefit from its proximity to the Expo 2020 metro station. This line on which the station is located was built to access this part of southern Dubai, providing a viable public transport option for those traveling from the main city.

The project was launched by Dubai South Properties. The company spokesperson said the launch of the project is another addition to their successful portfolio. He further noted that the South Bay Master Development is an ideal option for those looking for a quality life with world-class amenities.

The spokesperson concluded by noting that the company is happy to be aligned with the Dubai mission. This mentioned mission transforms Dubai into the best place to work, live and visit.

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