LotRO Developers Talk Housing Updates In New Interview, Confirm Next Neighborhood Is Not Human Or Dwarf

In a new interview, the LotRO dev team talked about housing, especially the future of functionality, and improvements to the housing system, and teased what the next neighborhood won’t be in Middle-earth .

The Lord of the Rings online had housing fairly early in its life and added to it over the years in the form of new neighborhoods, hook types and even the advent of high end housing. However, it’s not a perfect system, and a new interview with Deco du Milieu talks to the team about what players can expect from Standing Stone Games in the future.

For starters, it looks like the next residential area the team will develop will be either Elf or Hobbit, thanks to the admission that it won’t be human or dwarf. It makes sense: the Belfalas, Rohan and Erebor neighborhoods already exist for premium housing owners.

The interview, which was conducted with Lead World Builder Scenario, Lead System Designer Orion, and Community Manager Cordovan, discusses some improvements that could be made to housing, such as offering apartment-style housing (which Scenario has ” thought” as well), as well as the ability to run instances from housing (could come, depending on engineering bandwidth).

The interview also focuses on one of the fun aspects of player housing: decor. When asked if we would see more decoration hooks, Scenario mentions that it’s not as simple as adding more to a housing lot.

“At the moment, you may already experience loading time issues when entering your home,” Scenario says in the interview. “Also, adding more hooks to the old housing neighborhood is a lot of work, and those neighborhoods weren’t developed to have that many hooks.”

The scenario does not rule out the possibility that hooks will be available in the LotRO store at some point, but warns that this would just mean that not everyone will have access to hooks.

The interview also turns to the yard improvements made to the Erebor housing instance, citing the fact that yard items can move around more freely than they do in other instances. The storyline indicates that Erebor’s mobile hooks were a compromise to solve an issue with housing items falling through terrain. However, in order to incorporate something like this on a large scale in all living quarters, new technologies would have to be developed to help.

He then turned to actual home decorations, as well as convenience vendors found in homes and neighborhoods. One specific item to note is the idea of ​​adding more municipal services as hook decorations, such as the desired addition of an auction house vendor. Scenario says the team needs to be careful about this type of inclusion as SSG doesn’t want to “dry up social spaces.”

“I think adding city services to housing hung items is something that both of us are interested in. And also, we want to be careful about that because there’s value in having social spaces in neighborhoods (and not just inside your home.) We don’t just want to dry up social spaces.

You can check out the full audio on the Deco du Milieu website, as well as read the Q&A transcript.

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