Neighborhood of the Week: High Demand in Bonner County Real Estate Market

When it comes to the Bonner County real estate market, the story goes beyond rising prices and limited inventory.

“There’s a lot going on under the radar,” said Jackie Suarez, realtor and associate broker for Century 21 RiverStone. “We attend many private sales. I’ve helped a lot of people do that this year.

Those looking to buy in Bonner County are generally looking for a more rural setting, Suarez said, because those buyers don’t necessarily need to be near Coeur d’Alene or Spokane to work.

“A lot of my business here was 60-70% retired, but now there are more who are not yet retired or have a retirement plan for 2-5 years,” he said. she declared.

Remote work opportunities, coupled with improved high-speed internet in rural areas, allow some to pursue careers away from higher-density communities, Suarez said.

Cash offers are more common, and buyers in Washington, California and elsewhere continue to fuel higher prices and inventory shortages. New constructions are often recovered as soon as they are made available.

“A lot of builders don’t list (new homes) until they’re finished because the costs are so volatile,” Suarez said.

Still, Bonner County remains a bargain for many buyers, especially those who don’t need to be near Interstate 90. Skiing and lakeside opportunities continue to attract time-conscious buyers. outdoors.

Suarez said working with an experienced agent in the area will help buyers deal with different market challenges.

“We talk a lot (with builders, sellers, etc.) before we see anything come to market. You just have to be plugged in,” she said.

Suarez shared some key stats on the recent market:

“Generally, our winter market tends to be focused on Schweitzer Mountain Resort and properties in or near the town of Sandpoint,” she said. “So far it’s been a great year for snow on the slopes, but we’re extremely short of homes for sale.”

There were three condos/townhouses for sale at Schweitzer in a wide range of prices based on square footage. Another cabin recently put up for sale was contracted after just 11 days.

In Sandpoint, 12 houses have been listed. In the nearby community of Dover Bay, just five homes have been listed, two of which are already under contract.

Saura said the market pushed what was perceived to be “affordable” prices to the Bonner County lines – at Clark Fork and Priest River.

“A year ago, Clark Fork’s six-month median residential sale price was $322,500,” Suarez said. “This year, for the same period (July 1 to January 11), it’s $449,000.

In Priest River, the median residential sale price a year ago was $294,975, Suarez said. This year, for the same period (July 1 to January 11), it’s $393,000.

For more information about the Bonner County market, contact Jackie Suarez, Associate Broker and Realtor, Century 21 RiverStone, at 208-290-5888 or visit

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