New housing arrives in the Caledonia neighborhood of Cleveland Heights


CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH – Infill housing heads to the Caledonia neighborhood of Cleveland Height.

Cleveland Heights City Council unanimously approved a development agreement between the municipality and the Start Right Community Development Corporation. Up to 10 lots could be built during phase I, with 13 more possible lots during phase II. The result will be single family homes available for purchase.

The City currently owns the vacant lots where construction will take place. The property was purchased during the Great Recession.

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“The construction of new homes on long vacant land is expected to have a positive impact on stabilizing and vitalizing the neighborhood and attracting new residents to the city,” officials said in a statement.

However, controversy erupted at the city council meeting since Start Right Ministries and Reverend Jimmie Hicks have a long and controversial history with Cleveland Heights, reported.

Hicks fought the Cleveland Heights National Partner Registry in 2005, the first of its kind in the country. He then lost his seat on city council, Cleveland 19 reported at the time.

The city has clearly forgiven and forgotten, noting that Hicks’ Start Right group is playing an active role in the Caledonia neighborhood, a boon to the infill housing project.

“Start Right CDC has been very active for several years in the Caledonia neighborhood, providing community development services to this area of ​​Cleveland Heights,” the city said.

A minimum of three houses are to be completed by Dec.31, 2022 and six houses are to be completed by June 30, 2024. Both groups have the right to terminate the agreement if milestones are not met, said the city.

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