Organization of neighborhood services to transform the concept of community health care with new clinics to provide holistic services to vulnerable populations

Detroit, Michigan – (Newsfile Corp. – Aug. 5, 2022) – The Detroit-based Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO) announced plans to transform the concept of community health care with new facilities. The first phase of the organization’s Healthy Housing Campus project was to provide permanent, supportive housing for homeless people with chronic illnesses. As part of the second phase of the project, NSO will establish the Detroit Healthy Housing Center.

This new center will act as a community clinic to provide respite medical care to the homeless and address the lack of access to health care in the area. The center is set up with the aim of playing a key role in the integral care of the homeless in the neighborhood.

This will be the fourth such clinic that NSO has established in Detroit, but it will differ from others in that it will be a brand new state-of-the-art facility that will offer many services under the same roof. This will be the first healthy housing initiative of its kind to provide such a comprehensive service covering both emergency housing and homeless shelter services.

The clinic will have separate sections to provide patients with community-based primary care for behavioral health issues, dental services, and case management to help homeless people with paperwork related to their social and basic needs.

The NSO has also recently partnered with a federally licensed health center to provide primary health care to the community. This is important because the NSO is part of a demonstration project initiated by the US federal government called the Certified Community Behavioral Health Center.

By partnering with a federally licensed health center, NSO will provide primary health care services in addition to behavioral health services to homeless people, who are often marginalized from primary health care and do not seek no such services unless it has a significant impact. on their daily life. This contributes to the expansion of comprehensive care services to everyone.

Commenting on the need for the new facility, Linda Little, President and CEO of NSO (who is also a nurse and former healthcare executive) said, “This new facility will serve as a one-stop care center that can provide homeless support related to mental health, primary health care, employment assistance and housing if needed. About 60% of Detroit’s homeless people have underlying substance abuse and mental health issues. Homeless people are five times more likely to go to the emergency room and five times more likely to be hospitalized. 80% of those ER visits could have been avoided if they had had better access to primary health care services in the first place.

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