Person wants to enforce neighborhood dress code to ‘skyrocket property values’, comes under fire online

Moving to a new home is more than just physically transporting all of your belongings from one place to another. In the hope of improving the quality of life, there are many factors to consider before putting down roots. Like how walkable the area is or how decent the job opportunities and schools in the neighborhood are. But there is something, however, that no one can choose – the people who already live just across the street.

If we can agree on one thing, there can never be too many weird neighbor stories. And over the past few years, the Nextdoor app has showered us with absurd and downright hilarious stories about delusional Karens and homeowner associations. Recently, a similar position followed the trend and shared a ridiculous suggestion from a neighbor that instantly went viral on Twitter.

A man who goes by the handle @sushil_js posted a screenshot where a resident of his neighborhood explains that he wants to implement a local dress code in hopes of seeing property values ​​”skyrocket over the next 12-19 months.” What followed was that people wasted no time criticizing this “brilliant” idea online, so scroll down to read the full article as well as reactions from people online. So don’t forget to let us know what you think of this whole ordeal in the comments!

Recently a man shared a screenshot where his neighbor suggested enforcing a local dress code to ‘skyrocket’ the value of the property

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When the post went viral, people wasted no time criticizing the idea and sharing their reactions in the thread.

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You never know what kind of neighbor you will have. It’s a wheel of fortune where most homes are populated by irresponsible pet owners, parents who let their children scream for hours on end and, of course, Karens who believe they can enforce rules beyond normalcy. . We have known for a long time how this last category of people complains about the way of life of others and generally makes everyone’s life more difficult. When you move into an area where such residents rule, you’re suddenly bombarded with requests about everything from the length of the grass to the appearance of your plants. But if the need to control how neighboring homes look is frustrating enough, expecting to dictate what people can wear is downright outrageous.

This viral thread only proves that “love your neighbour” is easier said than done, especially bearing in mind that fewer people want to be friends with people next door. A 2020 survey from Zebra found that the majority of Americans make less effort to get to know people around the corner. Indeed, only 33% of respondents see their neighbors as friends or close friends, and 66% see them as strangers or acquaintances.

Also, when it comes to neighbors they know, Americans have a hard time getting along with them. Another survey of 1,537 consumers conducted by LendingTree found that almost three-quarters of people dislike at least one of their neighbors. Giving a “weird vibe” and being too loud or rude were among the most common reasons they had problems with people next door.

“In today’s hot housing market, where prices are high and inventory is tight, the sad reality is that some people may have no choice but to live near someone that they don’t like,” LendingTree senior economics analyst Jacob Channel said of the survey results. “And while a neighbor’s ‘bad vibes’ can certainly be annoying, dealing with them can be worth it if it means you have affordable housing.”

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And what better place to deal with your neighbor than the popular Nextdoor app! When people can’t find the time to meet in person, they’re free to air their grievances to everyone online. But as a study shows, instead of enforcing ridiculous rules, sparking community drama, or having neighborhood disputes with people who live near you, we should try to act kind. Nextdoor, in collaboration with Brigham Young University in the United States, the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom and Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, discovered that meaningful relationships and small good deeds have an impact on feelings of loneliness, quality of life and well-being. .

Their research found that knowing as few as six neighbors already reduces the likelihood of feeling lonely and is linked to less depression, social anxiety, and financial problems related to COVID-19. “I’ve spent my career studying the health effects of loneliness, but one of the things the whole field struggles with is having ways to potentially reduce the risk,” said Dr Julianne Holt. -Lunstad, one of the health researchers in the study. . “The fact that we were able to find changes, especially with relatively small and simple steps, is quite remarkable.”

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