Personal Account, Terms and Conditions of The Loan

Personal Account, Terms and Conditions of The Loan




  • The rate – the first loan – 0% per day, the rest – 1.6% – 2.1%.
  • The amount is 2,000 –30,000 rubles.
  • Term – 5-30 days.
  • Receipt – p / s, “Contact” systems, QIWI Wallet, card, mail.
  • The applicant’s age is from 18 years.
  • The failure rate is 36%.
  • In the market – since 2012.

To issue a loan of 15 000 rubles. in MFO Ezay →

Remote payments simplify the lives of Russians. Buy your favorite product, for which you would have to go to a regular store, you can be at home or at work. Now you can buy tickets for the concert, pay for mobile communication, and even borrow a microfinance organization online. Loans are granted for any purpose: the purchase of household appliances, furniture, clothing or the repayment of debts on previously received loans.

The advantage of online loans is the speed of processing and a simplified scheme for receiving money in debt. If the application is approved by the lender, the desired amount will be in your hands for a maximum of 30 minutes.

  1. Who issues microloans IFA Ezaem
  2. Personal Account Features
  3. Ways to get money
  4. Why “Ezay” causes confidence: the strengths of the financial institution

IFC “Ezaem” – a credit company that issues money at interest to citizens throughout Russia remotely. The organization is part of the largest TWINO companies in the financial market, whose branches are open in Latvia, Kazakhstan, and Poland.

Since its opening (2012), the company has won deserved popularity among customers, whose number is constantly increasing. The lender has many recommendations, positive reviews.


Who issues microloans 


Who issues microloans 

A microloan without interest in a microfinance company can be taken by both employed citizens who have reached the age of 21 and individuals who have reached the age of 18. Before applying for a loan, you should inquire about the main factors that make it easy to get a microloan from the Internet. We recommend to learn about services that provide loans without guarantors, references and collateral on this page.

The borrower must meet the following requirements:

  • at the time of application the applicant has reached the 18th anniversary;
  • to expect to receive money in debt should not be individuals who do not have Russian citizenship;
  • limitations on legal capacity of the borrower should be absent;
  • the borrower must have a bank card, an electronic Qiwi wallet or a checking account in any of the Russian banks. When there is no suitable option for borrowing, contact Smartcredit for a microcredit;
  • the action of the borrower on behalf of third parties is not allowed.

Note! If you are a relative of a foreign person occupying a high position, you will not receive a loan in Ezaem. Such a requirement is provided by the rules for issuing loans. But there is a way out. With the help of the “Zimer” robot you can borrow on a debit or credit card within a few minutes.

Another condition for obtaining a loan is to register a personal account on the service. Access to the account is provided after passing the survey. After completing the login to your personal account we are raising, the client finds the application form, fills it out and sends it to the lender for consideration. If in the process of registration of the application there are questions you need to call the company’s call-center.

Important! Microcredit company Ezaem carefully checks the information provided in the questionnaire, sends a request to the CII. In order not to be refused a loan, fill out the application form with reliable information.

If you find errors in the questionnaire, you need to go to the personal section of the client in your account on the ezaem website, go to the “My Details” section and change the information. You can make changes by dialing the lender’s hotline or by sending a request to [email protected]

Immediate receipt of borrowed funds, regardless of the location of the client. Such an opportunity appeared only with LLC MFC EZAYM.

Personal Account Features


Who issues microloans 

In the MFI, a personal account allows you to submit an application for receiving money in a short time, usually 20-30 minutes. And also allows:

  • View payment history.
  • Monitor the balance of debt.
  • Pay a loan with a bank card.
  • Order the service of prolongation.
  • Early repay the loan.
  • Become a member of the loyalty program.

As well as using the account allows you to receive special offers and participate in promotions of the company, including in the loyalty program.

Ways to get money

Ways to get money

The company strives to ensure that the borrowers use the service conveniently and there are several options for receiving money.

  1. Qiwi wallet. Transfer funds to Qiwi if the user is registered in the electronic payment system. If there is no wallet, you need to register. When filling in the registration form for a loan, in the field on the method of obtaining a loan, you must specify an electronic wallet.
  2. By analogy with “ Manman ”, a microloan can be obtained by money transfer through the Contact system. But before you make such an option for receiving money in the questionnaire, you should ask whether the Contact system is open in your settlement. Having received the sms, knowing the number of the loan agreement, the time to go to the office for the transfer. Do not forget to grab a passport. At the checkout you will be given the amount of the loan indicated in the application in cash.
  3. Bank cards Visa, MasterCard, MIR. When applying to the borrower, you must specify the card details and the secret numerical value. The amount that will be reserved on your balance and there will be a secret code that must be entered in the appropriate field. By excision of 5-10 minutes, you can take money. The speed of issuing microcredits is impressive, similar to the speed at which the MFI Lime Loan provides money.
  4. Personal account. When filling out an application, select a current account among the options, enter its number and BIC. Confirm the desire to borrow on the account / s and take the borrowed funds.

If you need not money transfers, but cash, please apply for a microcredit at Money right away .

An interesting fact: Paypsru microfinance organization provides an opportunity for borrowers to receive money not only through a bank card or in cash through a cashier, but also by transferring to Yandex-Money. You can make a request through your personal account on Payps ru.

In addition, it is possible to issue a microloan using SMS. It is enough to send +7 (903) 7976-17-1 five words in a certain order, which are written with a space: the name of the IFC, the required amount, the number of loan days, the password and one of the words bank, qiwi, contact or card.

For example, you need to arrange a loan for 6000 in rubles for 18 days, a method of obtaining a bank card. Then you need to send SMS in the following format: EZAEM 6000 18 password card .

Why “Ezay” causes confidence: the strengths of the financial institution


  1. New borrowers, applying for a loan for the first time, can receive up to 15 thousand rubles at 0%. In other words, you will have to return the amount you took without overpayment.
  2. With subsequent loans, the MFI increases the credit limit to 30,000 in rubles, with the possibility to get a discount of 5-50%. For example, you have a birthday soon. A nice bonus will be a 30 percent discount as a gift.
  3. You can return a loan received online from a bank card or a virtual wallet. If the borrower has only cash, you can repay the debt through the branch of the Russian Post or Kiwi-terminal.
  4. In the event of force majeure at the borrower, the company does not immediately apply penalties, the IWC allows you to extend the term of the loan. A prolongation can be made independently through a personal account on the company’s website.
  5. Convenient online service. The lender provides services around the clock. The resource is available at any time. Through a personal account, you can repay, renew or draw up a new microloan.
  6. Minimum time to transfer personal data. Expeditious consideration of applications. A maximum of 15 minutes and the borrower will know the answer of the lender.

When you need money for vacation, buying new furniture, go to your personal account and send a request, this will allow you to take a loan without interest today.




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