Print Center Consolidation Stumbling Blocks

By Howie Fenton, Rochester Software Associates: As we emerge from two very difficult years, some in-plant printers are beginning to worry that business conditions and production volumes are not improving or growing fast enough , leading them to ask, “What’s next? . As staff return to work, most business conditions do not improve. We learned recently that a factory university has survived the past two years by consolidating staff, training everyone, and operating more like a small, agile business enterprise where all staff do all the work. This blog will discuss motivation, previous trends in factory consolidation, and some thoughts to consider if you need to plan for staff or department consolidation.

Historically, there have been a few factory service groupings that have become industry trends. These consolidation trends include consolidation of printing and mail services, mergers of copy centers and print production services, consolidations of transactional printing and graphic arts, and consolidations of merging businesses ( i.e. healthcare companies).

The crucial question is what are these poor trading conditions and will they continue? The trading conditions causing the decline include:

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