Representative McKelvey co-introduced affordable housing, environmental protection and special scholarship bills for Senate consideration


Foreground Image of Angus McKelvey: Courtesy Photo. Background image, house floor folder. PC: Hawaii House Democrats.

Representative Angus McKelvey, who serves the West Maui District, co-introduced several of the 310 bills that the Hawaii State House of Representatives recently passed to the Senate for consideration.

“The 2021 legislative session has been a session of collaboration and teamwork,” Representative Angus McKelvey said in a statement. “The pandemic has shown us that today more than ever it is imperative to work together to bring solutions to our people. The measures we adopted at third reading will help develop affordable housing, strengthen protections for our precious environment, fund scholarships for students in special education, and much more.

Measures that Representative McKelvey co-introduced:

AGRICULTURE: Production contracts for local products. Requires each state department to ensure that a percentage of products purchased by that department are local. HB817 HD2

LODGING: Establishes an Affordable Home Ownership Revolving Fund within the Hawai’i Housing Finance & Development Corporation to provide loans to non-profit community development financial institutions and non-profit housing development organizations profit for the development of affordable housing projects for home ownership. HB79 HD1


Leialiʻi Affordable Housing Project: Removes the deadline for the completion of construction of the Leialiʻi affordable housing project, allowing a new archaeological inventory study required by the State Historic Preservation Division and ensuring that previously obtained funding will not be reallocated. HB1311 HD2


UTILITY LINES: Eliminates the requirement for a utility to seek approval from the utility board for the construction of high voltage transmission lines underground if certain conditions are met. HB78 HD1

HISTORICAL CONSERVATION: Authorizes the State Historic Preservation Division, in consultation with the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, to delegate responsibility for reviewing historic preservation projects to the affected county and to establish a program for individuals and third-party organizations to conduct document reviews of proposed projects. HB821 HD2

EDUCATION: Allows students who have graduated from a Hawai’i State Public High School with a 3.0 GPA and have received at least two years of specialized education to be eligible for the Hawai’i State Scholars Program and the Hawai’i Community College Promise Program. HB1291 HD1


WILDLIFE: Requires all habitat conservation plans to include an agreement for plan participants to enter into an annual service contract with a rescue and response facility available to provide emergency medical and rehabilitation services to wildlife native affected by activities undertaken in the plan area. HB46 HD1

POLYNESIAN TRAVEL COMPANY: Authorizes the issuance of special numbered motor vehicle license plates to commemorate the Polynesian Voyaging Society. HB627 HD1

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