The Northern South Park Neighborhood Plan has been approved, what’s next?

JACKSON, Wyo. (KIFI) – The Teton County Board of Commissioners approved the Northern South Park Neighborhood Plan at a regular meeting on July 5.

The approval included an amendment to the draft plan that would allow up to 1,800 residential units on the property (an increase from the original 1,318 units), and that additional units must include at least 70% of the units as Act Restricted Labor or Affordable Housing.

After approval, the Board instructed staff to create zoning tools with incentives to allow for the inclusion of more units based on the percentage of restricted action units (on a sliding scale with a minimum 70% as floor).

The motion specifically stated:

“The developer could increase the total number of units up to 1800 units, 1682 new units in addition to the 118 existing law; additional units beyond 1200 new will be subject to act restrictions on a sliding scale that will be created through the zoning tool (with a minimum act restriction above 70%). »

The next steps in the process include the development and adoption of zoning tools for the project. Zoning will define the finer details of any future development, such as permitted uses (i.e. single family homes, townhouses, apartments, places of worship, childcare, etc.) .) and building appearance (i.e. building height, setbacks, and density details). Additionally, zoning tools will dictate requirements for restricted deed units and any project phasing to ensure affordable units are built to all market rate units on the property.

This process will be led by the joint Teton County and City of Jackson Long Range Planning Team and will include review at public hearings with the County Planning Commission and County Board of Commissioners, likely at next spring and summer.

Approval of development and subdivision plans will take place after creation and approval of zoning for
this zone.

For more information, including the final submission and recommendation made by the county
Commissioners, visit

Email [email protected] if you have additional questions.

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