Two 56-story prefabricated towers to form Singapore’s newest residential district


Avenue South Residences will be an innovative and eco-friendly residential district in Singapore anchored by two 56-story skyscrapers nestled among five historically preserved buildings. The towers will consist of prefabricated units and built in a setting of five four-story heritage buildings in Art Deco style on Silat Avenue. Prior to assembly, 80% of each module for Avenue South Residences will be created off-site and stacked and assembled on-site.

The life-work-play concept will offer a new residential product while preserving the neighborhood‘s green spaces by connecting residents to the surrounding environment through the creation of an oasis-like community space surrounded by a canopy of trees. preserved.

The two towers will each feature clean, modern lines with pockets of aerial terraces. The sky terraces are intended to break the ladder of the towers and create a visual link with nature. Accessible to residents, the terraces will provide multi-storey green spaces at different levels above the city. Plus, wood-colored vertical screens create a textured fabric aesthetic while providing sun protection. The project will also include an urban public park which will provide a gateway to the network of adjacent rail corridors, providing an active edge and entrance to the project.

Sky terraces of the Avenue Sud Residences

The parking garages will feature full height green walls that will surround the parking lot podium on all sides. The living green wall exposes the parking levels of the adjacent conserved block. The building facade facing the Avenue South Residences rail corridor will feature an exterior vertical green play wall with climbing plants that will serve as casual protection from the parking lot. The interactive gardens include a built-in observation deck, climbing walls, and ramps leading to a ground-level play area.

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Both towers are oriented north-south to take advantage of passive solar design and optimal airflow. They are positioned to minimize their green footprint while allowing adequate setback distances to preserve a view corridor, allowing direct visual connection from neighboring HDB blocks and attenuating traffic noise.

The project is expected to be completed in 2026.

Avenue Sud Residences and historic buildings

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